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CONESYS, INC. - Torrance, CA
                                         Cage Codes: 59976(Aero), 0FEP5(J-Tech), 0BW78(EMP)          
Family Owned, Vertically Integrated, Global Leader
Military Standard, Modifed and Custom Circular Interconnect solutions / With Multiple Divisions: Aero Electric, J-Tech, EMP, Conesys Europe, AIP, and ATI-Interco the Conesys brand provides products over a broad array of Markets:  Mil/Aerospace, Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Aircraft Engines, Marine Applications, Heavy Equipment, Transportation, Rail Mass Transit, Geophysical, Machine Automation/Motion Control, Medical Equipment, General Industrial and Telecommunications.  Conesys maintains several Military qualifications:   Mil-Dtl-38999, Series I, II & III in addition to several accessories qualifications / Mil-Dtl-5015, Series III Rear Release & Series II, Front Release / Mil-Dtl-26482, Series 2 / Mil-Dtl-83723, Series III / Mil-Dtl-26500. / Special products include: Filtered and EMP connectors / Special platings such as Black Zinc Nickel / Integrated rear housings for EMI banding / PC Tail Mounted connectors / Protective Covers and Dummy Receptacles / Ruggedized RJ45 and USB connectors / NON-Hermetic SEALED connectors / Fully HERMETIC Military based connectors  For over 30 years Conesys has developed extensive expertise in Space Grade, Mil-Aero and other High reliability custom applications.
Proudly Representing Conesys in California, Nevada, Arizona & New Mexico                                                                                                                   

CRISTEK INTERCONNECTS, INC. - Anaheim, CA           Cage Codes: 67720(Anh),65SA4(Lwl),709U6(Nv)         
Woman Owned, Small Business
High Density, High Performance Interconnects, Cable & Harness Assemblies & Electromechanical Sub-Assemblies  /  D-Subminiature (M24308), Micro-D (M83513), Nano-D (M32139 pending), Circular Micro & Nano / RF Products: SMP, SMPM, SMA connectors.  Various Microwave Cables with most interconnects:  Semi-Rigid, Flexible, Hand Formable / Filter connectors:  Micro-D, D-Sub, Various Circular / Complex Harnessing: Custom Braiding Solutions - Kevlar, Copper, Stainless, Nylon.  Custom Overmolding. /  Extensive expertise in Space Grade, Mil-Aero and other High reliability custom applications.
CERTIFICATIONS:  ISO9001, AS9100, NADCAP AC7121 Electronic Harnessing, SEA Lean Certified, FOD Certified by MDA
Proudly Representing Cristek in California & Nevada                                                                                                                   

 FEDERAL MOGUL SYSTEMS PROTECTION- Exton, PA                        Cage Code:81851                     
Global Leader, Technology Driven
Based in Exton, PA with our large production factory located in El Paso, TX, Federal Mogul leads the way in Protection Products.  Federal Mogul Systems Protection is part of the Federal Mogul Powertrain Group serving Aerospace, Defense, Military, Oil & Gas, Energy, Railway and Light to Heavy Vehicle Markets.  Federal Mogul's engineers products by using multiple technologies:  Woven, Braided, Knit and also Custom formed  products depending on the application to provide the most complete protection.  Federal Mogul offers an extensive line of standard products in addition to the ability to design products for a custom application.  Federal Mogul has a great depth in expertise in materials and mechanical engineering affording our customers with the most reliable and proven solutions.    Whether protecting air ducting, wire harnessing, fuel lines or hydraulic lines from mechanical abrasion, or providing thermal shielding from the extreme temperatures of a jet engine or vehicle's exhaust manifold, or even EMI/RFI/acoustic shielding, Federal Mogul are the experts in this technology.  Products such as the variations of ROUNDIT® or EXPANDO® & others are preferred by our customers worldwide.
Proudly Representing Federal Mogul in California, Nevada, Arizona & New Mexico

IEH Corporation - Brooklyn, NY                                                                                          Cage Code: 97913                       
Family Owned, Small Business, Hub Zone Certified
With Hyperboloid Connectors made from nearly 100 years in business, IEH offers a high level of quality with their interconnect solutions. IEH offers a broad range of Mil-Qualified products.  Qualified to Mil-Dtl-55302/21, /22, /55, /56, /57, /58, /59, /60. /61, /62, /63, /64, /138, /139, /190, /191, /192, /193.  Being a Hyperbolic contact and connector company, IEH offers individual contacts in addition to custom hyperbolic connector solutions.  Hyperbolic contacts offer superlative solutions for High Vibration, High Insertion Cycle and applications that require low insertion forces as compared to conventional contact systems.  If it is HIgh Speed you need, then IEH has their Hyperkinetic™ solutions available to suit your needs.  The Highspeed bar has been raised with either the  HKC Series (CPCI )  or the HKX Series (VPX Compatible) . Get that same Hyperboloid technology in those series.
Proudly Representing IEH in California

ISODYNE, INC - Wichita, KS                                                                                       Cage Code: 031M6         
Innovative, Small Business
Isodyne is a supplier of EMI back shell solutions primarily to the military and aerospace markets. Isodynes' patented Tool Less Braid termination system is the most recent significant innovation addressing improved over braid termination as well as improved EMI performance.  With innovations such as Tool-Less banding, 1K Plating and Isodyne's Variable Angle Systems (VAS), Isodyne is looked to for their application solutions.  Isodyne back shells are used on a wide range of platforms for land sea, air and space applications. Offering a range of standard circular, D-sub, micro D-sub, ARINC serves most requirements but many customers have unique constraints that requires a custom solution. Isodynes engineering team rises to the challenge whenever a customer needs something out of the ordinary. Isodynes path has always been looking at improving performance, reducing parts count/weight, offering solutions over band aids.  Tool-Less Termination benefits begin at assembly requiring approximately 30% less time for assembly and end with a cable assembly that performs better at shielding EMI because of lower resistance between the drain wires, over braid and back shell.  Benefits:  No tools required for assembly or disassembly / No need for solder sleeves / Conforce Springs offer over 125lbs of tensile strength / Reduced component count = reduced weight / Faster assembly time / Better EMI performance / Custom Solutions.
Proudly Representing Isodyne in Southern California & Southern Nevada

LORD CORPORATION - Cary, NC                                                                             Cage Code: 76005                         
Global Leader, Technology Driven
Headquartered in Cary, NC for over 85 years, LORD has led the way in developing solutions to manage motion and minimize the noise, vibration and shock that often result. Vibration and shock management is an inherent factor of operating aviation equipment.  LORD Corporation's vibration isolators can help solve control problems in avionics/electronics, accessories, sensitive equipment, interiors and other aviation applications.  If our vibration isolators don't meet your individual requirements, we will analyze your situation and provide the most effective custom-engineered solutions available.  Lord also is a leader in sensing technologies as well as engineered coatings and adhesives.   

Proudly Representing Lord in California, Nevada, Arizona & New Mexico 


PULSE ELECTRONICS (Military & Aerospace) - Bristol, PA           Cage Code: 90095   
Global Leader, Technology Driven
The Military & Aerospace Business Unit offers a variety of magnetic solutions for military, commercial aerospace, manned and unmanned space, high-reliability industrial, medical and power grid infrastructure applications.   The Military & Aerospace Business Unit of Pulse Electronics (formally Technitrol Inc. established in 1947) was one of the first suppliers qualified to produce signal/pulse transformers to MIL-STD-21038, passive delay lines to MIL-STD- 83531, active delay lines to MIL-STD-83532 and power magnetics to MIL-STD-27.  A complete line of MIL-STD-1553 interface transformers, data bus couplers, Copperhead™ transceivers and transformers, Ethernet and AFDX networks, power transformers and power inductors are offered in a wide variety of configurations to support any type of high reliability application.
Proudly Representing Pulse in California & Northern Nevada

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