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Prior to Perigee, Casey Cristich held several different Operational Leadership positions in the Military/Aerospace manufacturing environment, including Engineering, Manfucturing and Quality.  Through this period of his career, he also attained a CPIM, became a Six Sigma Specialist and became an expert of implementing Lean philosophies throughout the company.  After completing his role From Mar-2008 through Dec-2010 as Director of International Sales living abroad, he decided to open Perigee Technical Sales.  "Working closely to the customer and knowing that my assistance positively impact others' lives is very gratifying to me."  -Cristich

When establishing Perigee Technical Sales in early 2011, Mr. Cristich brought his 19+ years of Military / Aerospace interconnect knowledge.  In addition he utilizes his early studies at San Jose State University in Aerospace Engineering and more recently his B.S. Degree in Business/E-Business from the University of Phoenix  in order to provide Perigee customers with the most effective solutions and products the electronic industry offers. 

Why "Perigee?"

Perigee: [(per - uh - jee)]  The point in an orbit that is nearest to the body being orbited. 

"I strongly believe that all business is a circumnavigation around the needs of any customer.  To be successful, a business must first work closely to clearly understand those needs.  Then, once the need is defined, you can more effectively assist in solving the problem.  If you interact closely with your customers, provide them with honest, clear and timely feedback,  then the needs can be fulfilled.  Perigee strives to orbit closely about its customers' needs." -Cristich

Beginning in November 2011, Susan Griffin, also a well established professional in the Military/Aerospace Interconnects industry came on board to partner up with Mr. Cristich.  With Ms. Griffin's breadth of background in Technical Sales and Management at several reputable Interconnect companies, the fit seemed very natural to join Mr. Cristich in helping make Perigee of the most widely respected in the industry. 

"Susan and I, both see our business and customers in the same light.  Executing our daily lives with the highest standards of integrity, service and committment are how we both want to be regarded by our customers, principals and colleagues.   With the addition of Linda Momota-Gentry & Fredrik Thorell in 2014, and most recently Richard Hayes in 2016, our same high standards continue  throughout our entire team.   We will always do whatever we can to assist our customers. But, we will do so by providing facts and information, not stories." -Cristich

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